Hmm…. Bread. Simple isn’t it. I wish it was. As well as  being able to wolf whistle  properly, making good bread is up there with things I’ve wanted to learn to do.  I’ve learnt to whistle – now comes the bread making. I don’t know why it’s always slightly scared me, some people manage to throw a loaf together in no time and it tastes fantastic, maybe it’s all the stages involved, I have an earth mother type friend who knocks up 2 loaves every week as part of her routine. Nothing pretentious, just good quality flour and those 2 loaves last the week for herself and her husband.  I bought myself a machine a few years ago with the intention of getting going on my BMV ( bread making venture) but unfortunately it’s gone the way of most of the other kitchen gadgets – stuffed at the back of a dark cupboard. Ain’t quite the same as proper sourdough which takes the best part of a week to get going from the time the yeasty starter ferments to the actual baking. Quite a labour of love.


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