Asparagus & ricotta pizza

Asparagus are in the shops! Not in my garden unfortunately, space and neighbours cats have put paid to the idea of growing my own so I just have to content myself with buying someone else’s. I kind of niggles me that I’m not as self sufficient as I would want to be, as I have been in other lives. The  luxury of picking something fresh from the garden means more to me than any fancily packaged item from Fortnum & Mason and  I really do try to eat seasonally and locally if I can and if that means limited choice in the winter then, so be it. Now that Spring has sprung though, there’s a bit more choice and asparagus is one of my favourites. I’ve usually roasted or steamed them but, on a home made pizza base  scattered with mozzarella or ricotta cheese, you can lay thin, raw strips of them ( peeled lengthways with a potato peeler) and scattered over very thinly sliced Speck ( cured ham from north east Italy). Add a drizzle of olive oil over the top before serving………


One thought on “Asparagus & ricotta pizza

  1. These pizzas look so delicious! I need a recipe to use up some ricotta, and haven’t made pizza for ages…it’s not asparagus season here Down Under, so it might have to be capsicum instead.

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