Spaghetti aglio, olio, peperoncino.

Now, I like pasta a lot. Red sauce, cream sauce, veggie style… to me it’s the perfect meal. You put the water on to boil the pasta and in the time it takes to cook it, you’ve prepared something on the side in which to later toss it in, flavoursome, garlicky maybe, in any case, I always end up eating a bigger portion than my stomach should accomodate. I spent several years in Italy eating it every day, sometimes both for lunch and supper – incredibly, I didn’t balloon to the size of a small house as snacking wasn’t an option, Italians don’t seem to do it. You sat down, had a proper meal at the table and that was that until the next meal. I can even own up to the gluttonous “Spaghettata di mezzanotte” a quickly thrown together, late night pasta dish, which was usually  “Spaghetti aglio, olio, peperoncino”   consisting of a couple of garlic cloves thinly sliced & fried in a few tablespoons of olive oil – a  fresh chopped chilli or two tossed in and  some chopped, fresh parsley.  The cooked pasta then strained and poured into the pan mixing all the ingredients and finally served up with a generous grating of Parmigiano. Sounds pretty simple but it’s really good!



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